Suffragette Slet 2012 slide-show!

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Photo credit Richard Glynn Roberts & Barbara Graham


Thank you to all who participated in our performance on the 8th of March!

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Happy International Women’s Day!

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Tonight at the Construction Gallery! Join us!

A sound taster for what’s to come tonight – poem by Charlotte Perkins Gilman cc. 1898

Suffragette Posture No. 5

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Suffragette posture No. 4

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Suffragette posture No.3

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Tweets & Facebook messages

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From 1st to 7th of March we are collecting your International Women’s Day messages/ slogans/ wishes to women of the world and each other . You can write a personal thought, a quote, a memory, an anecdote,a verse, a word… We’ll turn each message into a ‘placard’ and exhibit it with your Twitter / FB name, on the 8th of March during our live performance at the Construction gallery. Your messages will form a set design for Suffragette Slet 2012 – so please get tweeting – let’s make something powerful together! 

Please include the name of the person if you’re quoting / citing .   

Thank you!

If you need some extra inspiration, this year’s official IWD theme is


Send your Tweets to :



Facebook group: Suffragette Slet 2012 – Flocking of Birds

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