Associate artists


Lara Ritosa Roberts is Croatian born visual and performance artist based in London. She has founded Performance Klub Fiskulturnik in 2007 with a view to create performances exploring visual art & body culture of ex-communist societies. Lara leads, produces, devises and directs all PKF projects often performing in them too.



Lisa Hood (‘A Story Which Will never be Finished’ Gi20 2012)

Alice Allart (‘A Story Which Will never be Finished’ Gi20)

Klaudia Wittman (Yugo yoga-Big Dance 2012)

Zoe Jones (‘The Yellow Wallpaper’ Lab:Time, Yugo yoga 2012 )

Maddie McGowan ( Circus Space Lab:Time R&D)

Elise Roberts (Yugo yoga 2009 -10 -12)

Nela Milic (Yugo yoga 2010-11)

Alenka Banic (Yugo yoga 2010-11)

Kate McWilliam (Yugo yoga 2010)

Ivana Peranic (Artistic collaboration 2007-2009)

Design & web design:

Veronica Perez Karleson (2007-2011)

Alenka Banic (Yugo yoga at the Museum of Yugoslav History)

Film, video & photography:

Duncan Reekie

Biljana Kunijevic

Sanna Kuittinen

Veronica Perez Karleson

Reuben Tompkins

Rick Roberts

Production / Curation:

Natasha Vicars (Construction Gallery)

Cecilia Wee (Shards of Utopia, Tate Britain)

Museum of Yugoslav History

Teatar Rubikon (Slet Rijeka 08 production)

Audio production:

Takatsuna Mukai

Pierre Toll

Iztok Mravlje 

Costume & prop design:

Kristina Nefat (Mass Exercise with Nadia & Olga Sokolski; Slet Rijeka08)

Rick Roberts


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