Performance Klub Fiskulturnik creates site-specific work that engages with the intrinsic narrative of a site – its people, history and space . The staging of our performances responds directly to the  architecture and the enviroment making each performance a unique encounter.


In July 2011 PKF were artists in residence at the Museum of Yugoslav History, Belgrade, Serbia  from 04 – 12 July 2011. Lara Ritosa Roberts was awarded a STEP Beyond Travel Grant to travel to Belgrade, Serbia and take up an 8 day residency as a lead artist of the Performance Klub Fiskulturnik team consisting of  producer Nela Milic, graphic designer Alenka Banic &  photographer / videographer  Richard Glynn Roberts. 

We were hosted by the Museum’s curators and production team who proved to be welcoming partners. The aim of the residency was to explore and interact with the Museum site, collection, curators and staff ; to run performance art workshops for volunteers resulting in public presentation /performance and to investigate possibilities of developing future collaborative projects with local artists, people and the Museum.

PKF worked hard with volunteers, museum staff and production team to gather audio-visual information & create a site-specific performance in this complex and stunning space. The experience has been overwhelming – we have gathered hundreds of photos and images plus texts, voice recordings and video footage some of which you can find documented on this site. The residency was supported by ECF – STEP Beyond Travel Grant and Reconstruction Women’s Fund.

The Museum of Yugoslav History, its architecture and setting provided us with some thought-provoking backdrop to workshops and performance. Striking modernist lines, vast empty spaces, faded glory – beauty found in unexpected places.

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